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The invaluable trade connection between the East and the West has seen the Red Sea play an integral part in historical maritime trade. From the Silk Road spice routes to modern day cargo trade, this historical link has left wrecks scattered throughout the area and is home to some of the best known wreck sites in the world.

Whether you are looking for the excitement of discovering the dramatic tale of their sinking, exploring their final resting places or observing the fascinating ecosystem that has blossomed on their superstructures, we visit the best that the Red Sea has to offer. From the famous British WW2 cargo ship SS Thistlegorm that sank in 1941, the revolutionary steam and sail ship the Dunraven to the mighty Million Hope. Weather permitting, it is also possible to dive on several lesser known wrecks around the Straits of Tiran and Ras Mohamed National Park.

We dive a variety of wrecks of all shapes and sizes that will bring excitement and a sense of adventure to every level of diver.

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    The world famous wreck SS Thistlegorm was sunk in 1941 in the Gulf of Suez.
    She was loaded with a cargo of armoured Bren-Gun carriers, BSA motorcycles, jeeps, trucks, rolling stock, aeroplane parts, stacks of rifles, radio equipment, munitions, and a plentiful supply of Wellington boots.
    The Thistlegorm is a heaven for wreck enthusiasts, but is also one of the most underrated fish dives in the area, attracting schooling Barracuda and providing a hunting ground for giant Tuna and Snapper.

    Diving Area:

    Sha'ab Ali Area

    Dunraven is a popular wreck in the Red Sea.

    She was carrying spices, cotton and timber from India when she hit the reef in 1876, caught fire and sank.

    The wreck lies upside down at 30m and resembles a large cave. Inside divers can find schools of Yellow Goat Fish, and Giant Morays. The hull is encrusted with corals and full of marine life, such as Nudibranchs, Pipe Fish and the very rare Ghost Pipe Fish.

    Diving Area:

    Sha'ab Mahmoud Area

    Kormoran wreck, Straits of Tiran, Sharm El Sheikh, is a perfect dive site for all diving levels and only possible on a very calm day due to it's location and shallow depth.

    The wreck sits parallel to the North Laguna reef wall after  navigational error in the mid 80' s caused the 82m long, 12m wide vessel to run aground.

    Now festooned with the most incredible array of table corals and home to a large number of surgeon fish. This wreck offers a stunning winch, 6 cylinder engine and propeller all within a 12m depth range.

    Diving Area:

    Straits of Tiran Area

    Suited for all levels of diver, this giant 175m long cargo ship ranges from the surface to 21m.

    Wrecked in 1996 after hitting the mainland reef whilst traveling up the Straits of Tiran with a cargo of phosphates. Starting at a huge crane taken over by soft corals and glass fish, divers then multilevel their way around this  wreck now home to many Nudibranch species, schools of snapper, Unicorn fish and Batfish.

    Diving Area:

    Straits of Tiran Area

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