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How to choose the right scuba diving mask.

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If you love scuba diving, you know how important it is to have a good mask. A mask that fits well, doesn’t leak and gives you a clear view of the underwater world can make all the difference between a great dive and a frustrating one. But how do you choose a scuba diving mask for your face and diving style?

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect mask for your next adventure.

Know your face shape. 

Different masks are for all face shapes and sizes. Some masks have a wider skirt that covers more of your face, while others have a narrower skirt that fits closer to your eyes and nose. You want to find a mask that matches the shape of your face and doesn’t leave any gaps or pressure points. To test the fit of a mask, place it on your face without using the strap and gently inhale through your nose. The mask should seal around your face and stay in place without any air escaping. If the mask falls off or lets air in, it’s not a good fit for you.

Choose the right lens type

Masks come with different lenses, such as single, double, or multiple windows, and shapes, such as round, oval, or teardrop. The type and shape of the lens affect how much peripheral vision you have and how much light enters the mask. Single-window masks offer a wide field of view but may distort your vision at the edges. Double-window masks have two lenses adjusted to fit your eyes better but may reduce your peripheral vision. Multiple-window masks have additional lenses on the sides or bottom that increase your peripheral vision but may also increase the volume. The shape of the lens also affects how much light enters the mask and how natural your vision feels. Round or oval lenses can let in more light and give you a more natural view of the underwater world. Teardrop lenses can block some light and create a more tunnel-like view of the underwater world.

Consider the features and accessories.

 Masks come with various features and accessories that can enhance your diving experience. Some of these include:

Low-volume masks: These masks have less space between your face and the lens, which makes them easier to clear of water and require less air to equalize the pressure. Low-volume masks are ideal for deep diving or freediving.

Frameless masks: These masks have no rigid frame around the lens, which means they are lighter, more flexible, and more compact. Frameless masks are easy to pack and store but may be less durable than framed masks.

Purge valves: Are small valves at the bottom of the nose pocket that allow you to expel water from the mask by exhaling through your nose. Purge valves can make clearing your mask easier but may also leak or malfunction over time.

Anti-fog treatments: These are coatings or sprays that prevent condensation from forming on the inside of the lens, which can impair your vision. Anti-fog treatments can be applied before each dive or built into the lens itself.

Prescription lenses: Lenses that are customized to match your vision prescription, which can improve your clarity and comfort underwater. They can be ordered from specialized shops or online.

Try before you buy.

The best way to find out if a mask is for you is to try it in person and in the water. See how the mask feels on your face, how well it seals, how clear your vision is, and how easy it is to adjust and clear. If possible, try different masks with different features and compare them together.

A scuba diving mask is an essential piece of equipment for any diver. It can make or break your diving experience, so it’s worth spending time and money to find the right one. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to finding your perfect scuba diving mask. If you are looking to upgrade your current dive equipment or starting on your journey to owning your own dive gear then check out our Equipment Techniques Specialty, 

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