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Night Diving

Night diving is a very special experience and a must at least once on your diving holiday.

Discover what weird and wonderful critures come out at night. Find parrotfish fast asleep in their protective spit bubbles, marvel over tiny sets of shrimps eyes catching your torchlight, see corals transform as polyp colonies wave their hairy bodies about actively feeding on plankton, spot tiny cuttlefish on the move and always remember to wave your arms around and watch the tiny zooplankton light up all around you.

Why not try a night dive in the Red Sea and experience a different kind of nightlife!

How to book

We normally schedule a night dive at least once per week. We require a minimum of two people to offer a night dive. We recommend you sign up for a night dive at the dive centre on your first day, or ask your dive guide, so we can inform you of the next available trip.

Should you need a torch we will provide you with one for no extra charge.

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