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The invaluable trade connection between the East and the West has seen the Red Sea play an integral part in historical maritime trade. From the Silk Road spice routes to modern day cargo trade, this historical link has left wrecks scattered throughout the area and is home to some of the best known wreck sites in the world.

Whether you are looking for the excitement of discovering the dramatic tale of their sinking, exploring their final resting places or observing the fascinating ecosystem that has blossomed on their superstructures, we visit the best that the Red Sea has to offer. From the famous British WW2 cargo ship SS Thistlegorm that sank in 1941, the revolutionary steam and sail ship the Dunraven to the mighty Million Hope. Weather permitting, it is also possible to dive on several lesser known wrecks around the Straits of Tiran and Ras Mohamed National Park.

We dive a variety of wrecks of all shapes and sizes that will bring excitement and a sense of adventure to every level of diver.

Wreck in Gulf of Suez Area Dive Sites

Wreck in Strait of Tiran Dive Sites

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