Wir sind SSI

Camel Dive Club wird Mitglied der SSI Familie

Camel Dive Club is launching exclusively as an SSI Instructor Training Center and Blue Oceans Partner.
We accept all divers of all levels and training agencies. As an SSI Training center, we offer full range of SSI recreational scuba diving courses.

Sicheres Reisen

Sicheres Reisen – Covid-19-Präventionsmaßnahmen

You will find Camel Dive Club & Hotel outlets, are operated to the highest standards, with the health and safety of all as the foremost consideration so that our operations run-in accordance with the government Covid-19 guidelines.

top tips for wreck diving

HOW TO BECOME A BETTER DIVER – Top Tips for Wreck Diving

There is something mysterious and exciting about a ship wrecked on the bottom of the sea that divers worldwide are drawn to. Wreck diving is definitely exciting and always a challenge to all levels of dive experience so here are our TOP TIPS for wreck diving

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