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We are delighted to introduce you our unique boat Camel Tribe, the first daily dive boat that we’ve designed and built ourselves.

  • Length and width of the boat
    20.70 m, 5.90 m
  • Capacity
    70 tanks, 30 divers, 36 passengers.
  • When the boat was built?
    It was built in 2012 in El-Tour (100 km from Sharm El Sheikh) under the supervision of our ex-technical manager Ian Brown.
  • Boat areas
    This is the first daily boat in Sharm el Sheikh to have GPS, an underwater camera, a rear-mounted camera that also has infra-red night vision, a sonar ‘fish finder’ and TV display showing information seen by the boat’s skipper (such as GPS, navigation charts and an underwater camera view!).
    — Upper and lower salons are the place for having lunch and studying.
    — Sun deck content of front part and back part with shade area in the middle.
    — Dive deck as the place for assembling the equipment.
    — 2 toilets and fresh water showers, one for disable and one standard.
  • Time needed to get to:
    Tiran island from Naama jetty — 1.15 min.
    Ras Mohamed from Naama jetty — 1.15 min.
    Thistlegorm from Travco jetty — 3 hours.
    Dunraven from Travco jetty — 2.25 min.
  • Disabled Accessible
    We’ve designed our boat to make diving as smooth as possible for wheelchair users and guests with disabilities. The saloon is easily accessible and all food and beverage areas have been built with the wheelchair user in mind; one toilet has a low shower, sink and sliding door; the dive deck is a huge 5 meter by 6 meter area, allowing easy manoeuvrability; it has a low seating area to make equipment preparation easy.
  • Our dedication to protect the environment
    Camel Dive Club is committed to conservation issues and to minimize negative impacts on the surrounding area caused by our business. Our boat Camel Tribe is the first daily boat of its kind in Sharm el Sheikh to have all the onboard electronics powered by a solar powered generation system. This is supplemented by an additional alternator from one of the engines. The boat’s septic tank means that effluents will not be pumped into the water whilst on a mooring and there is also an energy-efficient fresh air inlet system, designed to keep the lower saloon cool.
  • How many time boat goes to the dry dock?
    Boat goes to the dry dock once a year, which takes between 20/30 days to complete the renovation.
  • Food and drinks
    Lunch is served in a buffet style offering Egyptian and International cuisine. Bottled water, coffee, tea and soft drinks are offered throughout the day.

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