Ras Umm Sid dive site

Ras Umm Sid

Ras Umm Sid dive site in Sharm El Sheikh offers abundant marine life, including schools of Barracudas are characteristics of this dive site.

The site has a wall reaching from the surface to 18m, forming a plateau that extends for about 50m to the drop off. On the plateau divers find pinnacles with Scorpion Fish camouflaged in the coral and Bat Fish hovering. Blue Spotted Sting Rays are found resting on the sandy area. The highlight of this dive is a column of Gorgonian Fans that reaches from 14 to 28m. At the far corner of the dive site, where currents meet, divers may spot schools of Snappers, Barracudas and large Napoleons. On the other side you find one of the most amazing coral gardens in Sharm El Sheikh. It has small pinnacle formations with soft coral and abundant marine life. You find small creatures such as Nudibranchs, and Devil Scorpion Fish. here

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Sharm El Sheikh

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