Technical Diving

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Технический дайвинг с гидом

The Camel Technical Team has over 15 years experience of deep diving the Northern Red Sea. Offering technical courses, our instructors will nurture and challenge you to become highly skilled technical divers. We have top of the range Sidemount equipment and a state of the art filling station on site for your technical requirements.

Are you a certified technical diver? We offer guided dives at dive sites that are especially exciting for technical diving including local sites, the Straits of Tiran, Ras Mohammed National Park, Thistlegorm wreck, all of which are accessible by daily boat. Technical diving in Dahab is also available as a day trip.

You will plan and execute your technical dive together with an experienced guide who will share their extensive knowledge of each dive site. Warm water, clear visibility and a unique topography will make your dive an unforgettable experience. Top quality technical gear for rental.

  • Guided tech dives from the boat
  • Additional space allocated for tech divers
  • Full or half day diving
  • Wreck and other dives available

Technical diving by boat

Technical diving by boat allows you to enter and exit the water easily. We organise our boats to provide the extra space required and our boat crews are trained to provide the surface support needed for maximum safety. All our boats have sundecks, shaded areas, a saloon and toilets and a freshly prepared buffet lunch is offered on board. Hot and cold drinks are also available. As well as technical safety equipment, all boats are stocked with lifejackets, marine safety equipment, VHF radio, oxygen and first aid kits.

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от € 352

Отель Camel+ 3 дня снорклинга

Семь ночей в двухместном номере отеля Camel и снорклинг экскурсии на Красном море.

от € 626

Отель Camel + курс дайвинга Open Water

Семь ночей в двухместном номере отеля Camel и курс дайвинга Open Water Diver.

от € 376

Отель Camel + 3 дня дайвинга

Семь ночей в двухместном номере отеля Camel и три дня дайвинга с гидом.

от € 492

отель Camel + 5 дней дайвинга

Семь ночей в двухместном номере отеля Camel и пять дней погружений с инструктором.

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