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Scuba diving is an exciting activity for children and the whole family can enjoy it.

If you are an avid diver and have decided that it is time to share your passion with your loved ones, looking for an activity for your older kids, planning to learn to dive as a family with the added excitement of being on the boat for the day Camel Dive Club has a program for you!

Children come in all shapes and sizes and we offer a full range of equipment sizes to suit their needs.

Here at Camel we offer a range of SSI diving courses for children, they can take part in a shallow pool dive experience from the age of 8 years, Discover the Red Sea program from 10 years and earn a globally-recognised scuba qualification from 10 years old.

Diving for kids is incredible fun and though it has an impeccable safety record, it is important to understand that diving also comes with a level of risk. Your child must be comfortable in the water out of their depth, have a good level of maturity, be able to communicate their questions, worries and needs. They must also understand that listening and following instruction is one of the most important parts of becoming a scuba diver.

We ask that parents are available throughout their children’s dive experience.

At Camel Dive Club we have a custom built training pool on site fully equipped with underwater cameras. Our confined sessions are all conducted in the pool under the direct supervision of our dive team.
Our experienced team of diving instructors have extensive experience teaching children of all ages. They appreciate that all kids learn differently, can get distracted, feel the cold sooner and structure the courses based on these differences.
All of our facilities are together in one place so there are plenty of opportunities for snacks, drinks and breaks without even leaving the diving center!

Our experienced instructors teach to share their love of the underwater world and scuba diving. Children are sponges when it comes to learning, notoriously fearless and in our experience very determined when it comes to becoming a scuba diver. It is always a very proud moment for all the team when a young student achieves their first diving certification.

If you’re children are already qualified divers then we offer daily boat dive trips to a full range of dive sites along with shore divingon our beautiful House Reef.

Depending on their age and certification level they may need to take a private guide. If it has been a while since their last logged dive, a refresher course will also need to be completed before any boat trips.

We ask that parents accompany their children on boat trips.

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