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Learn to dive Online. Why to choose digital course?

learn to dive online with PADI eLearning

We have said goodbye to heavy paper manuals and hello to PADI’s interactive E-learning experience with all of our PADI Courses which means MORE diving for you.

Accessible by phone, tablet, desktop, and laptop, PADI E-learning allows you to study from anywhere, at any time.

Taking some time before you arrive to complete the knowledge development for your course at home, means no more holiday hours spent in the classroom watching videos, completing knowledge reviews, or taking quizzes and exams.

Why have we gone digital? 
  1. The pandemic brought on a digital learning evolution that saw both children and adults using digital platforms for education and training. We felt that this was the perfect time to make the switch to digital so that our students can learn all the knowledge development for their course, via the PADI digital platform at home, at their own pace.  
  2. Time that is usually taken up in the classroom is now freed up for training and diving.
  3. Replacing our paper manuals for digital materials is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.  


PADI elearning is a fun and interactive way for student divers to learn the fundamentals of dive theory in your own time. Once you check into the diving center, your instructor will review your knowledge development to ensure an understanding of the dive theory. Then it is on to the practical side of the course.  

The PADI elearning package includes the manual, videos, knowledge development, quizzes, and final exam.

  1. We will give you access to the materials before you arrive to Sharm El Sheikh giving you time to complete the knowledge development for your course in your own time at home. 
  2. You will receive the e-learning package via email. The email contains a digital code that gives you access to your course materials via a personal account you will create online with PADI.
  3. This allows you to get straight into the practical side of your diving course as soon as you arrive. Your time is spent training with your instructor in Camel Dive purpose-built pool and putting your newfound dive skills into practice in the crystal clear, fish-filled tropical waters of the Red Sea. All under the close supervision of our expert team of PADI Instructors. 

Try out the E-learning platform for free here and ask us for details

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