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What the media says

Do you want to find what out what is being said about Camel in the media? We host regular visits from film crews, journalists and photographers. Click below to download a selection of our latest articles, or to visit the websites of magazines in which these articles have appeared.

  1. Sharm is a diver's Paradise

    We were trundling along on a pleasant dive on one of the reefs near Sharm El Sheikh in the Red Sea when the manta glided up from the depths. At nearly three metres, it is a big and wonderful beast, an aquatic stealth bomber that moved effortlessly through the ocean and soon disappeared from view. Download full article in English (660 KB, pdf)

    September 9th 2012

  2. Five days in Sharm: Camel Dive

    Chalk-white hotels, bustling restaurants and lively nightclubs: from the promenade at Naama Bay, it’s almost hard to imagine this was once a desolate stretch of coastal desert. We’re not talking pre-history, either: as recently as the mid-1980s, a forward-thinking Egyptian called Hesham was struck by the beauty of the coral reefs in the South Sinai and founded a diving centre on the beach. Download full article in English (1 MB, pdf)

    British Diver
    August 26th 2012

  3. Sharm el Sheikh Van vissersdorp tot duikmekka

    Tot veertig jaar geleden was Sharm el Sheikh slechts een klein vissersdorpje. Moeilijk voor te stellen als je de bruisende badplaats van tegenwoordig ziet. Maar het is niet voor niets uitgegroeid tot duikersparadijs. Download full article in Dutch (705 KB, pdf)

    July 1st 2012

  4. What a wreck!

    There are adventures and then there are Adventures. Some years ago, bungee jumping or swimming with sharks were what the daredevils did. Today, it’s all about shipwreck diving. There are adventures and then there are Adventures. Some years ago, bungee jumping or swimming with sharks were what the daredevils did. Today, it’s all about shipwreck diving. Download full article in English (728 KB, pdf)

    The Telegraph Calcutta
    March 24th 2012

  5. 10 Ziele: Wo Sie spektakuläre Steilwände betauchen

    Das Drop-Off fällt senkrecht in die Tiefe, der Grund ist nicht zu sehen: Steilwandtauchgänge sind der absolute Thrill! Wir zeigen eine Top-Ten-Auswahl der faszinierendsten UW-Wände weltweit. Download full article in German (3.8MB, pdf)

    March 13th 2012

  6. Camel Dive Club feels the need for speed

    Now divers can reach the world-famous coral reefs of the Straits of Tiran in Sharm El Sheikh in less than 20 minutes via Camel Dive Club’s express speedboat service. Download full article in English (200 KB, pdf)

    Sport Diver
    February 23rd 2012

  7. Cambio vita

    Francesco Pipino, pugliese, ha 45 anni e ha lasciato la banca due anni fa dopo una carriera velocissima. «Su dieci ore quelle davvero interessanti erano due e a me piaceva il mare». Ora è istruttore sub al Camel Dive Club di Naama Bay, ha casa a Sharm el Sheik. Download full article in Italian (410 KB, pdf)

    Sette Corriere delle Sera
    February 23rd 2012

  8. Warming to a Red Sea resort

    A holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh really does not appeal to me. The idea of a beach resort holiday suggests boredom. I mean, what do you do after lying on your back for an hour? Read another few chapters of the book you’ve packed? Turn over on the towel and get the other side of your body toasted? Download full article in English (1.5 MB, pdf)

    Irish Times
    November 28th 2011

  9. Diving disabled in the Red Sea

    I have always wanted to scuba dive, but being paralysed from the shoulders down made me think twice about the logistics. The Red Sea flagged up on the radar as a good place to start because of its amazing blue warm waters and beautiful undersea life, not to mention the much talked about accessible Camel Dive Club based in Na’ama Bay, Sharm el Sheikh. Download full article in English (893 KB, pdf)

    Disability Horizon
    October 1st 2011

  10. Dive Files International

    Lighthearted profile of dive centres all over the world. In this issue: Camel Dive Club & Hotel, Sharm El Sheikh. Download full article in English (6 MB, pdf)

    September 27th 2011

  11. Ägypten ist zurück!

    Die Lage ist stabil, die Taucher kommen zurück, und: keine Massen am Riff! Das Rote Meer als nächstgelegenes tropisches Tauchziel, die Destination Ägypten und der Sinai sind gerade jetzt eine Reise wert – so das Fazit von t-Chefredakteurin Carolyn Martin nach ihrer Recherche vor Ort. Download full article in German (3 MB, pdf)

    May 26th 2011

  12. Abgetaucht in der Revolution

    Der Blick nach oben ist wie ein Traum: Die Luftblasen der Taucher steigen dem Sonnenlicht in lustigen Formationen entgegen, eine Meeresschildkröte schwimmt mitten hindurch, an der bunten Riffwand mit unzähligen Korallen werden zwei grün-rosa-blau gefleckte Papageienfische von einem Schwarm orangeroter Juwelenbarsche überholt. Download full article in German (257KB, pdf)

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung
    March 13th 2011

  13. Dive another day

    Plunging a meter below the surface in search of Nemo is one thing, but training as a diver takes being comfortable in the big blue to a whole new level. Marie Cleland put her fear behind her in search of the next big adventure. Download full article (5.29MB, pdf)

    easyJet Traveller
    October 27th 2010

  14. A break beyond the surface

    A beach holiday doesn't have to mean simply swimming and snorkelling. For an unforgettable break, dive beneath the waves with PADI and discover a different world. Download full article (1.4MB, pdf).

    Daily Express
    August 14th 2010

  15. In search of the perfect dive centre

    What makes the ideal dive centre - is it the effortlessly cool staff, an idyllic shoreside setting, the unmistakable aroma of the compressor room? Download full article (2MB, pdf).

    DIVE magazine
    July 1st 2010

  16. Im Dienst des Umweltschutzes

    Der Camel Dive Club & Hotel entstand 1986 mit einem ersten Gebäude in Sharm el Sheikh und wurde seither standing erweitert und umgebaut. Ein Pluspunkt: Die gesamte Anlage ist behindertengerecht gebaut. Seine Bar is so bekannt, dass sie sogar in Reiseführern erwähnt wird. Download full article in German (160 KB, pdf).

    May 1st 2010

  17. A TravelMail guide to the best hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

    Camel Dive Club and Hotel: Known as the best alternative to the typical resort, this three-star hotel rates consistently as one of the best places to stay in Sharm el Sheikh. Located near the centre of Na'ama Bay, it is an a excellent option for anyone looking to gain a PADI qualification. It is also great value for money. The Indian restaurant is recommended. External link.

    Daily Mail
    April 22nd 2010

  18. Immersioni a Ras Mohammed

    Il Parco Nazionale di Ras Mohammed è una riserva naturale di mare e di terra. Quest'area protetta di 480 kmq si trova nel punto di incontro del Golfo di Suez con quello di Aqaba, all'estremità meridionale del Sinai…External link, in Italian.
    April 13th 2010

  19. Family Fun

    For most, the prospect of an upcoming holiday is a savior; busy lives are kept sane by regular getaways to Sahel or the Sinai. But for those with children, it can be an entirely different matter.

    If you happen to have adrenaline-junkie kids who you know won’t be satisfied playing by the pool all day, you might want to consider staying at the Camel Dive Club & Hotel in Sharm. External article.

    Egypt Today
    April 11th 2010

  20. Come dive with me

    Scuba newbie Kathy Longley tries her new-found skill in the Red Sea. She may not part the waters, but she travels in the steps of Moses in Egypt. External link.

    Disability Now
    April 1st 2010

  21. Zeventig jaar Thistlegorm

    Ze is een van de beroemdste wrakken ter wereld: meer dan een half miljoen duikers vergaapten zich sinds begin jaren negentig in haar ruimen aan haar uitgestalde schatten. De SS Thistlegorm is deze maand jarig: 10 april is het zeventig jaar geleden dat ze van stapel liep. Download full article in Dutch (1MB, pdf).

    April 1st 2010

  22. In the Red

    Sharm El Sheikh on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula is one of the most renowned water sports destinations in the world and with several budget airlines now flying to the region from the UAE it's never been easier to experience all the delights the shimmering Red Sea has to offer the intrepid traveller. Three of the SFME team visited the area to sample some of the activities on offer and got thrown, quite literally, in at the deep end. Download full article (600 KB, pdf).

    Sports & Fitness Middle East
    March 27th 2010

  23. Camel Dive Club commended in Responsible Tourism Awards

    Project AWARE is proud to announce that one of its Official Partners in the Red Sea, Camel Dive Club has been highly commended by judges in the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards 2009. External link.

    Project AWARE Actions
    December 2nd 2009

  24. L’ accoppiata vincente Camel-Xchallenge va oltre la subacquea

    Il Direttore di Corso del Camel Dive Club e di Xchallenge, Teo Brambilla, ha portato a termine con successo l’ edizione numero dodici del Pharaons Rally. L’ immancabile e atteso appuntamento autunnale dei Rally Tout Terrain si è svolto in Egitto in Ottobre: sette tappe, 3.000 chilometri ...e tanta sabbia! External link, in Italian.
    November 2nd 2009

  25. "Resultate liefern!"

    Es gibt Menschen, die wollen etwas bewegen. Hesham Gabr Ali ist so einer. Der Gründer des Camel Dive Club ist Vorsitzender der CDWS, der Behörde für Wassersport und Tauchen. Download full article in German (300 KB).

    November 1st 2009

  26. From the desert to the deep

    If you can't decide whether you want sand underfoot in the desert or under flipper in the Red Sea, why not be greedy and have both in Sharm El Sheikh? Download full article (1.2MB, pdf)

    October 1st 2009

  27. Global Dive for Earth Day News Stories 2009

    The Eco Tribe at Camel Dive Centre in Sharm El Sheikh decided to be creative for Dive for Earth Day to get guests involved. The team created a huge globe from papier mâché, constructed from wire covered by old diving magazines. External link.

    Project AWARE
    July 14th 2009

  28. Camel Bar and The Roof

    The unofficial hang-out for divers, golfers and locals-Egyptians and expats. External link.

    easyJet Inflight
    May 21st 2009

  29. PADI Instructor Kurs auf Deutsch

    Im Juni 2009 findet im Camel Dive Club Sharm el Sheikh erstmals ein PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) auch in deutscher Sprache statt. Der deutsche IDC wird von PADI Course Director Bianca Greiner gehalten, Trainings-Managerin von Camel. External link, in German.

    May 7th 2009

  30. Top five hotels in Sharm el Sheikh

    Camel Dive Club and Hotel: Known as the best alternative to the typical resort, this three-star hotel rates consistently as one of the best places to stay in Sharm el Sheikh. External link.

    Daily Mail
    April 22nd 2009

What our guests have said

Camel Dive Club & Hotel
Centre of Na'ama Bay
Sharm El Sheikh
South Sinai, Egypt
Telephone: +20-69-3600700
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